Become a Real Estate Agent at Florida Internet Realty

Yes, we’re hiring !
When you become a real estate agent at  Florida Internet Realty,  we will prepare you to blend excellent customer service with cutting edge technology to list and sell more Real Estate . We employ both full & part time professionals and welcome both tech challenged and tech savvy practitioners. Unlike the ” fend for yourself ” mentality that many Real Estate Firms have, our real estate company provides the support that agents need because we all benefit when YOU succeed.

There is a disturbing shift in today’s Real Estate Brokerage model. The focus at many companies has changed from servicing the Buyer or Seller to servicing the Real Estate Agent. The Fee Based Brokerage Model works by charging the Agents desk fees, transaction fees, franchise fees, administrative fees, technology fees and other nickel and dime expenses in exchange for 100% commission splits. For these Brokerages the revenue model is to attract Agents who pay fees. The firm has no real vested interest in the success of the Agent as long as the Agent pays his or her monthly fees to the firm. Working for a fee based Brokerage entirely changes the financial interest of the Real Estate Brokerage business from professionally assisting Buyers and Sellers to recruiting and retaining monthly fee paying agents.

Are you a Real Estate Professional or a Receivable?
At Florida Internet Realty we love the Real Estate Business and the Buyers and Sellers who make it possible for us to earn a good living by providing a valuable service. Our firm cares that YOU MAKE MONEY selling Real Estate. Because if you don’t make it, We don’t make it. We are dependent upon YOUR success! Our company is NOT in the business of “Hiring faster that they quit” so the monthly fees keep rolling in. Florida Internet Realty hires Agents who want to build a business within our business.

The Florida Internet Realty commission schedule rewards productivity while supporting and encouraging “Non-top producers” to become better and more skilled without the burden of additional monthly expenses during the growth and development process. Our Tiered Commission Schedule is understandable and predictable. Our Broker is almost always available. Our office in central Sarasota is easily accessible, and our company embraces the sharing of tips, trends and techniques to help improve our Agent’s sales & listing performance.

Our Agents work for Buyers and Sellers to enable them to achieve their Real Estate Dreams or Goals. Our company provides the support and infrastructure to enable our Agents to be productive and effective in their profession.

Contact your future Broker today for a confidential conversation about how to become a Real Estate Agent at Florida Internet Realty. Call or Text Steve @ 941-961-4983